Poprawiony Powszechny Kalendarz Balozkinara (Balozkinar's Corrected Commoner's Calendar)

Some 400 years ago, workers discovered what has come to be called the Calendar Obelisk in the ruins of an ancient city of mysterious origins beneath the City State of the Invincible Overlord. The Calendar Obelisk, and a series of rune-inscribed metal plated found in a strange metal chest near the obelisk, revealed a recording of what is called “the Chronology of the Dragon Kings,” the history of an ancient kingdom – believed to be the Orichalans – predating the City State by many, many ages, in 52-year and 104-year cycles.

The then current Overlord, a Warrior-King named Balozkinar, constituted a council headed by Ralibarn the Wise, Patriarch of Odin, and including a group of the most prominent sages and clerics of the city, to study the runes and the Obelisk. Their study forced the revision of the existing calendar and changed the view of the history of the Wilderlands. This gave rise to Balozkinar’s Corrected Commoners Calendar (“BCCC”).

Balozkinar’s Corrected Commoners’ Calendar is now used in the northern city states and their tributary villages, as well as in Thunderhold and the town of Warwik, and several other settlements which have interacted with the City State. The BCCC Year 0 is tied to the old Commoner’s Calendar Year 0. Despite the recent evidence from the Obelisk, the Year 0 was left intact to make the transition to the new calendar easier for the people.

The BCCC includes 18 months of 20 days each followed by a 5 day celebration at the end of each year. This calendar is progressive, as our own Anno Domini (AD) system. Thus, the year 100 BCCC would come before the year 101 BCCC just as 100 AD came before 101 AD. Some people still follow an old calendar known as the “Commoners’ Calendar” which sometimes leads to confusion as to the timing of certain celebrations. These problems are resolved by the Town Crier. Both the BCCC and the original Commoners’ Calendar are presented below.

The default year of any Wilderlands campaign is 4433 BCCC, and all products referencing the Wilderlands or the City State presume this default time frame.

It is generally accepted by proponents of the BCCC that the City State of the Invincible Overlord was founded on the ruins of an ancient city in 3075 BCCC – 5,466 years after the Uttermost War and 11,683 years after the creation – based on the findings of Ralibarn, the Patriarch of Odin, and his counsel. These dates are accepted and endorsed by the Overlord but contested by just about every other religion and, as described in the Judges History, below, completely wrong. Nevertheless, they form the basis of the common calendar of the lands.

The days of the BCCC Week are: Airday, Waterday, Earthday, Fireday and Spiritday.

The months of the BCCC Calendar are:
Thawmist (Days 1-20)
Dewsnap (Days 21-40)
Flowerbloom (Days 41-60)
Sweetrain (Days 61-80)
Meadowlark (Days 81-100)
Longrass (Days 101-120)
Warmshade (Days 121-140)
Sunstrong (Days 141-160)
Thistleburn (Days 161-180)
Harvestime (Days 181-200)
Goodgrove (Days 201-220)
Blackmoon (Days 221-240)
Willowind (Days 241-260)
Redleaves (Days 261-280)
Maggotfeast (Days 281-300)
Coldrain (Days 301-320)
Shadowrath (Days 321-340)
Gloomfrost (Days 341-360)
Year’s End (Days 361-365\366)

Poprawiony Powszechny Kalendarz Balozkinara (Balozkinar's Corrected Commoner's Calendar)

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