Dwarves, Mountain

The Kazadaran, or Mountain Dwarves, are the most ordered and hide-bound of a very stubborn race. Though perhaps best known to reside in Thunderhold, Mountain Dwarves have resided in many underground kingdoms, including the famed dwarf kingdom north of Tarsh. Their society emphasizes honor and obedience to social superiors. They pay very close attention to ritual and precedence; every mountain dwarf has his own position in the social order, and knows exactly where he stands in respect to everyone else. Mountain dwarf women are rare (only 1 in 10 are female), and so are kept secreted from the rest of the world, as they are considered the most precious of treasures. Mountain dwarf men are very proud of their beards, and let them grow throughout their entire lives, braiding them and decorating them with gems and jewels. Women grow beards just like their men, though they are not as vain about them as their men folk. Mountain dwarves are typically armed with warhammers and armored in breastplate or half-plate, while nobles wear full plate or even mithral plate. Mountain dwarves revere Kazadarum, but also worship Goibhnie the Divine Smith, Rosmerta the Bountiful, and Odin the All-Father.

Description: Tan or ruddy pink skin, fiery red hair, blue eyes, 4 ft. 5 in., 180 lbs, stocky build, typically Lawful Good.

Racial Traits: as per the PHB for Mountain Dwarf.

Languages: Dwarven, Common and Terran.

Dwarves, Mountain

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