Dwarves, Hill

The Kazadurul, or Hill Dwarves, are a coarse, insular warrior race. The clan thane is the highest social class of the Kazadurul, as the clan folk believe the only true Dwarf King is Kazadarum. Clan warriors often work together in mercenary troops, fighting for one or more of the human lords, though they will never fight another dwarf troop in such a manner. Kazadurul females are equal to males, as the birth rates are more equal among the hill clans; some even become warriors. Kazadurul are as likely to work with wood as stone and metal, and most of their villages are above ground, with buildings of stone and wood. Hill dwarf men grow beards, but not as ostentatious as the mountain dwarves. Women do not grow beards, but often grow moustaches and sideburns. Hill dwarves are typically armed with greataxes and armored in chain shirt or splint mail. Hill dwarves worship Kazadarum with zealous exclusivity, and consider mountain and city dwarves to be heretical for their polytheism.

Description: Bronze skin, brown hair, green eyes, 4 ft. 2 in., 170 lbs, stocky build, typically Neutral.

Racial Traits: as per the PHB for Hill Dwarf.

Languages: Dwarven and Common.

Dwarves, Hill

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