Demoniczne Oblężenie (The Demon Siege)

In 3227 BCCC, the same year he banished the disloyal families that went on to found Warwik, the Overlord set a great army against the Emperor, joined by the wild Tharbrians, the bitter foes of Viridistan. The inner dissent in the Overlord’s power structure seriously weakened his war efforts; though a unified Overlord army may not have made a difference in the Demon Siege, it might have resulted in the destruction of the World Emperor at an earlier opportunity, on the field of Ukrak Morfut.

The Emperor, with a fury born of desperation, united all the Vasthosts that remained to him at the Holy Mounds twenty miles north of the city. The great Elsenwood Forest blocked any direct approach from the north by an army; the Overlord Vasthosts were then passing through the Brigand Hills south of the Gigabolt range and would probably skirt Elsenwood to the east by following the coast of the Trident Gulf, and the Wild Men, at last report, were crossing the Kendhras River and would most likely go west of Elsenwood, seeking to approach Viridistan through the old battlefield of Freeman Fields. The Emperor marched north with his entire army to meet the Vasthosts of the Overlord.

This army differed from all others known up to that time; it relied heavily upon the works of spell-casters who worked both at long range and on the battle line to protect the troops and wreak havoc among the enemy ranks. Moreover, the Imperial archers were stocked with special carbelium arrows made of a red metal which cuts through iron as if it were butter, and, to provide a major strategic advantage, the Emperor’s forces knew of many trails that led through the heart of Elsenwood which would provide quick passage through the forest.

The two armies met near the village of Ukrak Morfut some eighty miles north of Viridistan. There, though outnumbered three to one, the Imperial forces fought the Overlord’s army to a standstill. The wizards’ specially researched spells caused great disarray among the throngs of the Overlord, the baggage train, and other rear echelons. The Emperor left a crack Vasthost to delay the advance of the foe and sped south with his main army through the depths of Elsenwood to the Uiscur Bogs where the Tharbrians had forded the River Leander. The Tharbrians, too, became entangled in the web of sorcery woven by the Imperial Wizards, even though they were stronger than the Overlord’s Vasthosts. The Emperor then fell back to Viridistan, having shown himself to be a master of strategy by staving off forces that totaled seven times his own.

He had given a second coven of wizards, working day and night in Viridistan, the time they needed. When at last his many enemies converged upon his Immortal City, the World Emperor had gained command of some reinforcements. Sources disagree as to exactly how many there were, but all agree that they were demons led by the Demon-Prince Demogorgon himself!

The battle was long and furious; the Overlord’s generals had brought enough magical aid to combat magical creatures in the wilderness and so were not entirely unprepared. However, the powers of the demon horde and their awful Prince were great, and they proved to be greater than those of mortal men. The siege was broken, and the two armies fled in disorder to their homelands. Many speculations have been made as to the exact nature of the bargain struck with Demogorgon and what had been given him to persuade him to summon such power. Perhaps it was the final desperate step of an empire in decline.

The City State of the Invincible Overlord, though it had halted its tribute to Viridistan for a time, resumed payment of tribute, though at a decreased rate, and the Tharbrians were apparently so filled with awe and terror that they decided upon other lands as their goals, for the great invasions ceased; only the more common, less warlike, grazing tribes have passed through the lands since, with the same frequency before.

Demoniczne Oblężenie (The Demon Siege)

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