Viridistan, Miasto-Państwo Imperatora Świata, Miasto Przypraw

Technological Level: telescope, calculus, sextant

Average Citizen: The average citizen of the City of Spices is of mixed blood – predominantly subjugated Tharbrian and Common Viridian. Though the seat of an empire, the empire is in decline and the citizens are brutally regulated either by the emperor or the priests of Armadad Bog who enforce the Armadad Law. Many citizens are rogues or lesser sorcerers, wizards or priests of Armadad Bog or Natch Ur.

Ruler: Hautulin Seheitt, World-Emperor and God-Priest of Armadad Bog (LE male True Viridian Wizard)

Other Important Figures:

  • Empress Murielle Eidn, High Priestess of Armadad Bog (LE female True Viridian Wizard);
  • Shah Pahrrib Fu, ruler of Shardis Province (LE male Common Viridian Wizard);
  • Shah Satyrbis, ruler of Effernath Province (N male Common Viridian Wizard);
  • Shah Kijdawr Aenekosii, ruler of Smyrsis Province (LG male Common Viridian Cleric);
  • Shah Dyshim Leayh, ruler of Thygamus Province (N male Tharbrian Wizard);
  • Shah Abdu Inslar, ruler of Lyoophiath Province (N male Common Viridian Fighter);
  • Shah Drong Dirkah, ruler of Gommorath Province (N male Common Viridian Fighter).

Resources: Spices, wine, the greatest market in all the world

Allies: Cavemen of the Eleph Territories, numerous tributary villages and lands (though few are true allies)

Enemies: Nearly all the world, including the City State of the Invincible Overlord; the merefolk of Sae Laamer

The City State of the World Emperor, otherwise known as Viridistan, the City of Spices, the Immortal City (and recently the Falling Empire, though this is not said in Viridistan), has been ruled for the past 150 years by Hautulin Seheitt, the “Green Emperor”, and his wife Murielle Eidn, the last of a once haughty and powerful green-skinned race known as True Viridians who claim to be descendants of the gods of the Uttermost War and themselves living gods deserving of worship. The Viridians founded Viridistan 4332 years ago (in 101 BCCC), shortly after subjugating large areas held by the Wild Men. The Green Emperor – for that is what he is called, due to the cast of his skin – is highly lawful and evil, and prone to extensive use of sorcery to maintain the Imperial Domain. While the Emperor has only appeared publicly in the last twenty-five years with his head and face covered by a silver cowl, he has not been seen at a public function for eighteen months. Rumor has it that the Emperor has been gradually losing his once incredible magical powers, and has become uncertain or even afraid. Other rumors claim he is getting senile.

The city has had a stormy and checkered history centering around Viridian internal bickering and assassination plots to gain control of the throne. The “hereditary” monarchy has therefore seldom been passed on to son or daughter but due to treachery of one kind or another it has often been usurped by Viceroy, Suzerain and occasionally by a Padishah. This aristocratic race was thus gradually destroyed from within, and decimated by a great plague, until Seheitt and Eidn were but the last two left, except possibly for their only son who disappeared 75 years ago and has not been seen since.

The city is surrounded by six provinces, all ruled by mortal kings called Padishah. These rulers swear their allegiance to the Green Emperor and the Immortal City when they are picked by the Emperor from the ranks of the highest social classes at special tournaments but actually via political and religious intrigue.

All but two of the emperors of the Immortal City have been evil: Reddisorn the Golden, who ruled from 2089 to 2272 BCCC, and Cneninadus the Mycretian, who ruled from 4226 to 4283 BCCC. Cneninadus’ reign approached the Golden Age of Reddisorn in its encouragement of the arts, education and civil rights but had not the peace and tranquility he sought. It was unheard of for any Viridian to become a follower of the god, Mycr; indeed, most had been Natchai (worhiping the god Natch Ur) or Mer Shunnans (followers of Armadad Bog), religions with alignments far removed from the Mycretian. The Mycretian distaste for human sacrifice, blood-thirsty greed and the powers of the Dark exacerbated the enmity between Cneninadus and the eleven other Viridians and so his reign was marked by bloodshed and attempted assassinations. He was finally murdered by Hautulin Seheitt and eight demons in 4283 BCCC.

The Green Emperor, a Mer Shunnan, was a high priest of Armadad Bog at the time he took power. In the Great Slaughter of Pain in 4284, Seheitt decimated the Mycretians and their sympathizers, even making two raids into the caverns of the Holy Cities to kill two of their Prophets. Upon completion of this bloodbath of terror, the Green Emperor was rewarded by Armadad Bog by being ordained as the only Mer Shunnan God-Priest. Armadad Bog took up residence deep under the castle in the natural bay inlet soon after Seheitt had built him a temple near the inner castle curtain.

It is still technically illegal to be a Mycretian within the City walls, but within the last twenty years or so, the Green Emperor has not been pressing the hunt, nor charges, as often as before. He has seemed preoccupied. But since he does still occasionally lash out, it is not wise to broadcast the fact of one’s being a follower of Mycr. Mycretians have increased rapidly in numbers in those few years, until now they number about ten percent of the City, and for the most part, are well received and liked by most of the City’s inhabitants.

However, Mycretians have had a direct hand in the increasing tensions that are now racking the Immortal City, especially in their rescuing and spiriting away humans in danger of being sacrificed. Several gods have been angered, and the City and surrounding areas experienced a minor earthquake three months ago. Most of the damage has been repaired. Taxes have been doubled in the last five years in the City State of the World Emperor.

World Emperors for centuries have maintained a small wall between the Elsenwood Forest and the Emperor’s farm lands, ostensibly to protect crops from marauding animals and to help keep an eye on the pesky wood elves’ thieving habits. However, Seheitt, the Green Emperor, has just finished a seven year project to triple the height and strength of the wall, to add a moat, and to double the guard, all for reasons indecipherable to the general populace.

Viridistan is ruled by the emperor with a strong hand. A High Council, made up of one viceroy, two Suzerain, and six Padishah, meets twice a year in late spring and fall for official reporting, information sharing, and setting mutually beneficial policies to recommend to the Emperor. It has no vote in the final say. The Emperor loves order and hates disturbances. Chaotic types are looked on with some suspicion, and so must try to keep their unusual behaviors and eccentricities under wraps. Disturbances of the peace involving more than three people (gang fights, drunken brawls, mob action, etc.) are usually put down ruthlessly, with questions asked later. Loose talk about the gods, their worship, alignment, language, and negative comments about the Emperor and his government are not conducted publicly.

Common is spoken in the City almost as much as Viridian, though religious celebrations are still conducted in High Viridian. Trade and barter economic systems are still in large scale use, though coined money and industry “traders” have gained much acceptance.

Many rare and unusual varieties as well as common varieties of spices are grown here. The Mycretian and other experts’ knowledge on the care and marketing of herbs and spices are greatly in demand. The wine industry, too, is substantial as many extensive grape arbors are grown in frequent forest clearings and fields in various places along River Leander. Most of the province capitols produce their own ale and enough to trade besides. Targnol Port and the City State are both on the main trade route and both are major shipping ports. Trade by both land and sea is growing and the wide avenues of trade in the City State bustle with activity throughout the year’s nine months of good weather.

In the last five years the Emperor has doubled the size of his military troops (again at the expense of the taxpayers) until now he commands the equivalent of about five Vasthosts. Guards and patrols police the City so there is not much reason to keep large numbers of militia in the area.

Orcs and goblins and other “lesser” races are not welcome in the City even though some Mer Shunnans and Natchai are friendly with them.

Viridistan, Miasto-Państwo Imperatora Świata, Miasto Przypraw

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