Tula, Miasto Czarodziejów

Technological Level: telescope, calculus, sextant

Average Citizen: The average citizen is of any race and is most likely a specialist wizard, many are also expert craftsmen. This is a strange city, as a citizen is nearly as likely as not to be a lizard man or some other monstrous race and the sight of such creatures does not cause concern.

Ruler: Hejan Waremoss, Elder of the Green Robe, Leader-elect of the Council of the Eight (LG male of unknown race Wizard)

Other Important Figures: Solarien Windmere, Master of the Blue Robe (CG male wood elf Wizard); Breita Ben-Allizem, Master of the Gold Robe (LG female Amazon Wizard); Raij Halamah, Master of the Red Robe (LN male half-elf Wizard); Balthasard Blackwood, Master of the Orange Robe (LG male Avalonian Wizard); Morwyn Cudular, Master of the Brown Robe (LN female human Wizard); Nal Kosh-Tana, Master of the Black Robe (LE male Gray Elf Wizard); Koren Chandur, Master of the Silver Robe (CN male halfelf Wizard); Alianna The White, High Priestess, Temple of Athena (LG female Ghinoran Cleric); Kalifrien The Wise, Scribe, Seller of magical things (LN male half-elf Wizard); Zolfren Krede, Admiral of the Tulan Fleet (LG male half-elf Fighter)

Resources: A vast market of magical supplies as well as the unmatched Schools of Magic, each offering instruction in their specialty

Allies: None, though accepts citizens of any race, including monstrous races.

Enemies: Rallu; rival wizards’ guilds

The legendary City of Mages, splendorous city of spiraling towers, gleaming lanterns, and mystical waterfalls. Here magical beasts roam freely alongside powerful wizards and steel-eyed soldiers. By night or day, the eight schools of magic loom over the city with their massive walls and towers, inspiring all who view them with awe. The wizards of Tula are the foremost specialists in magic, dividing themselves into various specialist schools.

The Council of the Eight – said to be the heads of the various schools of magic – is housed in another mammoth structure along with a museum and a world-renowned library. Apprentices from lands both near and far come to Tula to learn the magical arts. Tula is the only known location where characters can study to be specialist mages. It is also the home of the highest level mages in the Wilderlands (aside from the ice, air and water mages of Valon, and the Green Emperor himself).

Because so many of the occupants of the city are apprentices or visiting mages, every type of human and humanoid is represented in the population. Many lizardmen and other exotic races – including many monstrous races and outsiders – live here as well. Political power is based upon expertise in magic not gender or race. The average “citizen” is in residence only six years as that is the average length of study or apprenticeship.

A state of war has existed between Tula and Rallu to the north for the last century, but neither side is willing to pay the cost for utter victory. Combat in this ongoing conflict is limited to warships only and both sides protect independent shipping by traders of other lands.

Tula, Miasto Czarodziejów

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