Rallu, Miasto-Państwo Morskich Królów

Technological Level: knitting machine, compass, plate armor

Average Citizen: The average citizen of Rallu is a human (most likely Ghinoran) sailor or craftsman with a bit of military experience

Ruler: King Danstone of the Iron Fist, 22nd Sea King of Rallu (N male Ghinoran Fighter)

Other Important Figures: Commander of the Army, General Trufo the Tall (N male Ghinoran Fighter); Cousin of the king and contender for the throne, Lord Tgoshe Welstn (CE male Ghinoran Fighter); Leader of the Thieves’ Guild, Jesen Reckbane (CE male human Rogue)

Resources: Market; ship building and repair; sugar, bananas and coconuts

Allies: Mercantile relations with all city states; suspected secret alliance with Tarantis

Enemies: Tula

Located on the tropical southern tip of the Isle of the Blest, the city of Rallu was founded 1,100 years ago (in 3333 BCCC) by Thellagon the Mariner and a group of travelers from the north. In the 1,000 plus years since then, Thellagon’s descendents built up Rallu into the center of commerce and learning on the Isle. The men of Rallu – all mighty mariner’s who claim descent from the ship captains of the Kingdom of Kelnore – have come to be known as the “Sea Kings,” though the captains of Tarantis might claim they are the true holders of such a title.

These Sea Kings, through careful and cautious exploration and trade with the northern powers and other local island populations, were able to bring skilled artisans and craftsmen and many goods to the city. All of this was accomplished without any wars or submission to foreign governments, mainly due to the fact the hereditary rulers of Rallu kept the city’s exact location secret from outsiders. This secrecy lasted until the reign of Forgon the Foolish who came to power in 4217 BCCC and who revealed the location of the city to the outside world. He was assassinated by his advisors three years into his reign for this indiscretion. Over the next 10 years (known as the “Shadow Years”) the fate of the city was at many times very bleak and war with the nearby city state of Tula was an ever present threat. While not openly or heavily pursued by either side, the threat of war with Tula persists to this day. The cities test each other’s sea power several times a year in small skirmishes.

The main business of Rallu is shipping – whether sea trade, ship building and repairing, or any other craft related to shipping. The market of the city bears goods from all over the world and sees as many visitors as any other of the city states. The present Lord of Rallu and 22nd hereditary monarch of the city is King Danstone of the Iron Fist, Sea King of Rallu. He assumed the throne 8 years ago (on his 19th birthday) and has led his people into an age of profitable progression rivaling that of his forefathers. Thanks to Danstone’s masterful move of doubling the navy, Rallu trades not only far and wide but also openly, even with the city states to the north. Rumors say that Danstone has made a secret arrangement with Atar the Lion, King of the City State of Tarantis, to acquire dwarven slaves as smiths and craftsmen, who are secretly brought in on vessels that put into Rallu supposedly for repairs. This rumor is supported by the fact that Danstone has recently put dwarves to work on the upkeep of the walls and structures of Rallu, which suffer terribly in the tropical weather of the Isle, and are in constant need of repairs.

Law enforcement in Rallu tends to take most outsiders by surprise. There is no local constabulary to speak of. Instead, all ‘policing’ is done either by the army (through patrols and riot squads) or the navy. All visitors to the city are given a strict overview of behavior and laws upon arrival and are expected to adhere to the rules or face the consequences, as would any permanent citizen. Failure to agree to these terms results in ejection from the city for life.

Rallu, Miasto-Państwo Morskich Królów

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