The southern lands are sub-tropical to tropical and, in some places, so hot as to be inimical to human life, though many demon races find it to be a most pleasant clime. The inland regions of the western and central districts tend to be hot and arid, save around spring-fed rivers and lakes; little rain falls in these lands, and that which does falls in the high hills and mountains, leaving the plains dry and scorched. Numerous regions of unnatural and terrible weather and geography exist in these lands, remnants of the ancient occupation of the Markabs, the most notable of these being the Great Wurm Gap, the Fiery Abyss, and the Searing Sea. The islands of the east, however, have temperatures moderated by wind and sea currents, and so are much friendly to human and demihuman life. The natives mirror the climate, as the west and central regions are dominated by terrible empires of demons, and the eastern lands are held, for the most part, by the true natives of Gaia, the fey races, in conjunction with man and other demihuman races.

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