To the north of the Wilderlands are the lands dominated and defined by the Great Glacier a.k.a. the Great Sea of Ice, which in some areas will freeze an unprotected man solid in a matter of seconds. The Great Escarpment, a mind-boggling sheer cliff that stands 3,000 to 6,000 feet from base to summit, runs the entire length of the continent along a crooked line 50 to 250 miles north of Valon. The lands between the escarpment and the glacier are a mix of taiga and tundra, with several important regions of much, much warmer climes, due to magical and deific interference. South of the escarpment the regions are cold in winter, moderate in summer, with the muddy, mucky lands being the haunt of giant insects during the wet, warm season. These lands are, for the most part, savage and backward in the extreme, with fierce humanoids, Cavemen, and degenerate tribes being the rule and civilization above the Stone Age being the very rare exception.

Wielkie Jeziora (Great Lakes) (do odkrycia przez graczy)

Zamarznięte Ziemie (Frozen Lands) (do odkrycia przez graczy)

Valonaria (do odkrycia przez graczy)

Vanaraya (do odkrycia przez graczy)

Burzowe Krainy (Tempest Lands) (do odkrycia przez graczy)


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