Miasto Valon

Technological Level: hourglass, stagecoach, bastard sword

Average Citizen: Citizens in the port district are most likely craftsmen with some rudimentary skills in sorcery. In the other sections of the city, most citizens that are Avalonians have some aristocratic training and also some magical training. Even non-Avalonian common citizens have a dash of nobility and sorcery to them, as even the lowest citizen has some form of title or social duty deserving of respect. It is rare to meet a person who is not at least a minor sorcerer, or, in the case of nobles who have access to training, wizards. In fact, given that many of the citizens have access to cantrips, low level magic use might be even more widespread here than in Tula, though there is no doubt that higher level magic is more widespread in Tula as is the presence of strange magical creatures. Town guards are also skilled in magic.

Ruler: Artarias the Bear (LG male Avalonian Fighter)

Other Important Figures:

  • Sheriff Drathain, Civility Enforcer (LG male Avalonian Wizard);
  • Ambassador Telimqiv, Diplomacy Enforcer (LG male Avalonian Wizard);
  • High Adjudicator Rethiena, Decorum Enforcer (LG female Avalonian Wizard);
  • Magnate Tharglis, Oath Enforcer (LG female Avalonian Fighter);
  • Admiral Artarias the Younger, Customs Enforcer (LG male Avalonian Fighter);
  • Gilthoniela, Court Poet (CG female Half-merelf Bard);
  • Judge Radwyn, Mercantile Enforcer (LG female Avalonian Wizard);
  • Fatty Klingtoes, owner of the Pies n Pallet Inn (LG male halfling Fighter);
  • Captain General Aldamiris, Army Commander (LG male Avalonian Eldritch Knight);
  • Seneschal Evershine, Guard Captain and Treasurer (LG female Avalonian Wizard);
  • Liagrit the Leaper, Dance Enforcer (CG female Avalonian Warlock)

Resources: Market; rare ice crystals, hides and pelts from the great glacier to the north, ice wizardry and items, ships, the great School of the Ice Wizards located in the Great Glacier to the north.

Allies: The mer-elves of the Heareat Undersea Kingdom; they are on friendly terms with all major city states

Enemies: None, though they have little love for the imperialistic Viridians; there is a friendly rivalry with Tula, though more in the minds of wizards from Tula than from Valon

The City State of Valon is built right upon the Uther Pentwegern Sea; its gold and silver tower-girt islands divided by stone-lined canals, which freeze over in winter. Valon is an ancient city, having been founded near the time of the founding of Viridistan. Sages and loremasters of Valon record the date of founding as 120 BCCC, though the people of Valon do not use the calendar of the City State of the Invincible Overlord, preferring their own complex method of timekeeping. Some claim to be descended from an ancient admixture of merfolk, and an unknown extra-planar folk from the Elemental Plane of Water or Ice. A centuries old pact with the Mer-elves of Heareat Undersea Kingdom has resulted in prosperity and permitted leisure time to pursue magical research.

Unlike the Viridians, Avalonians are a peaceful people, never given to conquest or colonization. As a result, their bloodline has remained true. To this day, the vast majority of the human citizens of Valon are Avalonians. They have never sought to increase their sphere of influence beyond the portion of the Uther Pentwegern Sea north of the Isles of Pokrantil, which they control without question. Valon is one of the few places where outright slavery is prohibited, though there is a very complex and just system of indentured servitude.

The blue-skinned Avalonians are famed for their ice and weather magic. None surpass them in these arts, not even the famed wizards of Tula. The city is also very magical, with cantrips being commonly taught even to children, though they are very guarded about teaching their greater ice and weather magic to non-Avalonians. Very few citizens of Valon regardless of race are without the basic abilities of Sorcery (or Wizardry for nobles). They use magic to sail their ships and shape the weather, though it is a crime for all but the official weather wizards to affect more than a small part of the local weather. The local guard, similarly, are trained in lesser magic as well as warcraft.

Society in Valon is very complex and stratified, with many nobles, titles and social requirements. They place great emphasis upon appropriate social responses, which confounds many visitors due to their complex and overly-complimentary forms of speech. Most traders and travelers are confined to a port district until tutored in the local customs by a licensed instructor. In fact, the port district is the only location where the Common tongue is spoken at all, and even there not frequently unless necessary to conduct business. The rest of the city speaks only Avalonian, which is a strange derivative of Aquan.

Citizens of Valon worship Vala Tar, a lawful good goddess of the sea, and Aram Kor, a lawful neutral god of the ice and the seasons, said to reside in the Great Glacier to the north, as well as several other lesser gods and goddesses – including an interesting incarnation of Athena, known as Amala, the warrior-goddess of the sea. Rumors tell that a small sect exists in the city that worships Armadad Bog.

Miasto Valon

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