Miasto Tarantis

Technological Level: rockets, glasses, Damascus steel (finest masterwork items)

Average Citizen: The average Tarantian is a human Gishmesh tribesmen. Most are merchants and are as civilized as those in any of the other city states.

Ruler: Atar the Lion (LE male Gishmesh Fighter)

Other Important Figures: Chief Advisor Monach the Canny (N male Tharbrian Wizard); Minister of War, General Ta Zam-Derco (NE male Gishmesh Fighter)

Resources: A great market, and the only major source of goods from far-off Kingdom of Karak

Allies: Kingdom of Karak, local pirates through the Tarantine Merchants’ Association, the Seahawk

Enemies: Unlicensed merchant leagues angered by the piracy, the Invincible Overlord, Skandiks, Karzulun raiders to the east

An important sea power and the primary source of goods from the Kingdom of Karak, Tarantis was founded in 1792 BCCC by the union of two tribes – the Gishmesh and the Paldorians – across Dahute Bay from the ruins of the Ivory City, the ancient capitol of the Kingdom of Kelnore. In 1885 BCCC, the city of Tarantis was officially laid out, rebuilt, and fortified with high stone walls for protection. Between the years 2266 and 2309 BCCC, Ryobl the Red attempted to bring complete law and order to the city. His legacy to the city is the Tarantine Merchants’ Association. After the disappearance of Ryobl the Red, Grantadt, his successor, organized the skillful pirating operations that ply the waters between the city states to this day. Scattered skirmishes occurred over the years between the fleets of the Invincible Overlord and the pirates of Tarantis, but the Overlord – busy with wars with Viridistan – has never made a determined attempt to eradicate the pirates.

Between 4000 and 4200 Tarantis expanded inland and founded two new provinces: Jarmeer and Ganzir-Galad. The current dynasty ruling Tarantis was founded just under a hundred years when Edario the first overthrew the sickly child Emir, Greataust II. Now Edario’s son, Atar the Lion, is Emir of Tarantis, having ruled successfully for over 48 years. Atar has strengthened the power of the Tarantine Merchants’ Association, who, for a small fee, license passage of ships. Unlicensed ships are free to be raided by local pirates. The Blue Cobras, secret assassins of the king, silence rivals and keep order. The two provinces of Jarmeer and Ganzir-Galad are ruled by Sultans loyal to the king. The most notorious local pirate, known as the Seahawk, is believed to be in league with Tarantis. The people of Tarantis generally worship the gods Adorak Tau, a lawful evil sun god, in a religion called Pudage or Selanii, a chaotic good goddess of the sea, in a religion called Guedankst. The eastern provinces are plaged by an unusually tall (6 to 8 ft.) band of nomads known as the Karzulun.

Miasto Tarantis

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