Miasto-Państwo Niezwyciężonego Suwerena (Miasto-Państwo, Metropolia)

Technological Level: knitting machine, compass, plate armor

Average Citizen: Since this city is the center of the northern Wilderlands, even the lowest person is better than the average city dweller with shopkeepers usually being even more skilled. There are few pure commoners within the city walls. It is not unusual to see even common NPCs with class levels appropriate for the city, such as Rogue or Fighter. Many denizens have seen extensive military service or are retired adventurers and visitors should beware – this is no village of common oafs.

Ruler: His Most Terrible Majesty, the Invincible Overlord, Hygelak XI, the Dread Klipmaran Noble (LE male Tharbrian Fighter).

Other Important Figures: Grand Vizier Balarnega (LE male human Wiz).

Resources: The greatest market and trade center of the Northern Wilderlands other than Viridistan.

Allies: The dwarves of Thunderhold, the Skandiks at Croy, Modron, Byrny, the sea monster Maelstron.

Enemies: Virdistan and the Green Emperor, the Skandiks at Ossary, the Pirates of Hagrost, Orcs of the Purple Claw from Dearthwood, Warwik.

Located on a bluff on the western edge of Dearthwood on the Estuary of Roglaroon, the City State of the Invincible Overlord (or just the “City State” as it has come to be known) was founded in 3075 BCCC on the ruins of what is believed to be the ancient capital of the long lost Dragon Empire of the Orichalans. The City State is one of the greatest cities of the north. Its importance is exceeded only by Viridstan, the City of Spices and seat of the Falling Empire, far to the west.

Though known as Ryan’s Ruin by sages, Rhamsandron by wizards, and Normoot by Altanians, the city came to be known as the City State of the Invincible Overlord and its former name under the Dragon Empire was forgotten. The title “Invincible Overlord” has been held by every ruler of the City State since its creation. Because the city was initially founded by a dwarven hero, the city became home to a large expatriate population of dwarves and is allied to the dwarven city of Thunderhold to the north. Many years ago, Lucius the Great – a Tharbrian warlord – took advantage of a civil war and he and his allied clans swept eastwards and conquered the City State. Since Lucius’s reign several hundred years ago, the City State has come to dominate the region from the eastern border of the Viridian Empire at the Plateau of Bendigroth to the Winedark Sea. Today, the only city that the City State pays tribute to is Viridstan itself.

The City State is situated at the intersection of the ancient Rorystone Road that runs north to Thunderhold and the Old South Road that runs south to the Pazidan Peninsula through Black Baron Pass, over the Bellystone Ford on the River Mageven an on to the elven city of Onhir. Most trade, however, is done by ship, as the Estuary of Roglaroon allows large drafted ships to sail inland as far as the City State. For this reason, the City State supports the important village of Byrny and the newly-refounded city of Modron which is strategically located on the Estuary of Roglaroon, aiding in the Overlord’s campaign to oust the Pirates of Hagrost that prey on the City State’s tradeships from their secret hideout on the River Hagrost.

Though few know his true name, the current Invincible Overlord is Hygelak “the Dread”, a cruel ruler whose elite group of assassins and secret police known as the Black Lotus roam the city and the surrounding lands enforcing his will and eliminating rivals. The army of the Overlord consists of several “Vasthosts”. The Overlord also keeps a substantial fleet, including a number of pirates and freebooters.

The City State is the site of several major temples, including temples to Thoth, Odin, Manannan and Nephtlys, as well as the temple of Harmakhis and the influential Hellbridge Temple, which holds the legendary Baleful Eye of Morg.

The City State is plagued by the Orcs of the Purple Claw from nearby Dearthwood and from the fell beasts of the Troll Fens and Mermist Marshes to the northwest and southwest. The Overlord has had several strongholds built or occupied by those loyal to him to keep these creatures in check. He has even posted rewards for their slaughter.

Miasto-Państwo Niezwyciężonego Suwerena (Miasto-Państwo, Metropolia)

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